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Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credits

Claim your tax credit before the tax laws change, while you can still take this exemption.

Below are some informative links concerning power costs and trends along with power factor and federal tax credits. We are not tax advisors, so please check with your CPA about the specifics

Take a look at the trend electric costs

TVA Distributor Retail Rates ... and Power Factor Case Studies

Reducing Power Factor Costs | Department of Energy

Industrial Customers Cut Cost by Raising Power Factor

26 U.S. Code § 179D - Energy efficient commercial buildings deduction

179D DOE Calculator

You could be eligible for anywhere from $.60 to $1.80 per each square foot of your building.

Residential Tax Credit Form 5695 and instructions.

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Claim what's rightfully yours!

Don't pay more for electricity that you are not using and claim the energy efficiency tax credits you so richly deserve to claim.