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72% Savings Our first findings!

The savings are huge! We installed two units (1 per service panel). One in each house for a total of two poultry houses. As we analyzed the energy data, it would be a challenging task to predict exactly how much savings can be realized for our farmers. As farmer’s energy usage change radically on wh…

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Update on the 2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill Conference Committee, which met for the first time on September 5, the first public meeting of the 2018 Farm Bill conference committee. The now has the daunting task before it of trying to finalize a new farm bill before the current one expires on September 30, 2018.

Food and a…

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5 cost-saving ideas for poultry housing

There are a lot of questions as to what the future holds for the poultry industry. One thing, however, is certain. Poultry houses will have to be designed and built with a much greater emphasis on operating costs, in particular, heating and cooling, than they were in the past, most experts agree, as…

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A Poultry Farm Energy Investigation: Where Does All Your Energy Go?

Determine Your Energy Usage. Compare with Your Neighbor’s Farm.

If your poultry farm is like most of them, energy is your second biggest expense, behind only the mortgage on the property. So, if you’re serious about wanting to cut costs to boost profits, you must look at your energy usage and w…

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NRGSavers.US Announce Pre-launch

[Huntsville, AL] Pre-launch date is June 1, 2018. We are offering free energy assessments throughout the entire month. If you would like to know where in your home or business can be helped on energy savings. 

Simply ask for the FREE assessment today by filling out the form on the right ------->…

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Electric Rates

Alabama Power Company Rules and Regulations for Electric Service that applies to rates is section 1.2 and it states.

The rates to be charged by and paid to the Company for service shall be the rates that have been filed with and approved by the Commission. These rates will change from time to tim…

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What they don't want you to know

The power company has been very hush-hush about our NRGSavers.US product. When we install our NRGSavers.US unit at the panel it does so much for your energy usage! 

Things in your home like flat screen televisions, computers, electronics, appliances, air conditioning, etc. can cause the power …

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