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Our professionally trained staff would love to work save you money on electricy.

What we do

At NRGSavers.US, we install energy saving devices to improve the overall energy efficiency of your operation by correcting power factor and peak loads. Stop paying for the power you don't use. We'll show you how anyone can achieve it.

Not only do we provide these energy-saving devices, we offer a FREE energy assessment to determine where you need help the most. Is it your attic? What about windows? Thinking of solar? With our Certified Building Analyst on staff we can calculate ROI and estimated payback time for various upgrades.

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How it works

Our NRGSavers.US devices are capacitors. But what are capacitors? A device that stores energy. Specifically, it stores it in an electric field. It’s all pretty technical, but it really does work!

Check out this video for a demonstration (coming soon), or to see a demonstration, or contact us to schedule at your convenience.

Covering Northeast Alabama

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Our products are quality built in America

20-Year Warranty

If you are not completely satisfied, no worriers. We back our claim.


1-Year Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, no worriers. We back our claim.